Bonado Lean leap: Second step/ Final Product Supermarket

Converting a warehouse into a supermarket is a highly difficult task in any company. Warehouse is a place where goods are piled on each other and their inventory is always fluctuating so that even a highly advanced computer system such as ERP cannot determine its accuracy and up-to-date features. On the contrary, supermarket is a place where inventory changes in a certain circle and there is always a certain replacement program for the inventory; it is a lean pull autonomation scheduling which tells us that when something is consumed, it should be produced and replaced at the same amount as soon as possible. In addition, supermarket is a well-organized environment where any incorrect and unusual situation is quickly identified. In addition, the final product supermarket is more important, because its pulse of production and sales and indicates whether they work properly or not. Benefits of final product supermarket is numerous and I can not  talk about them in this essay.

 But these important benefits lead us to continue Bonado lean leap by designing and establishing its final product supermarket after establishing its first lean step: its chicken cutting U-shape cell. Bonado final product supermarket is fundamentally different from all other supermarkets we have attempted to build: This supermarket is also a production process, the process of freezing the product and maintaining it healthy before delivery it to sale places. For this reason, it is a very expensive and costly environment which cannot be expanded in the short term to keep more products when customer demand although is growing. Establishing this supermarket has been one of the most challenging projects of my life. However, this supermarket is being settled. The above figures indicate the first steps of our work that yet far from establishing a completely lean final product supermarket which works under the command of customer pull requirements and in the same time, is not disturbed by any internal or external fluctuations. I will report to you on the progress of establishing of this supermarket.

Kazem Moutabian

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